Temporary accommodation
We support in securing temporary accommodation prior to your arrival in Munich. This supports in a faster management of your administrative matters (e.g. address registration, bank account opening, tax ID) and planning your house search and settling-in.
House search
Based on needs assessment, the service consists of property search and optionally, direct assistance, included but not limited to house visits, contract negotiation, handover protocol, registration with utility, phone, Internet suppliers.
The client receives personal assistance for registration with the local administrative office, bank, utility companies, phone, Internet, health insurance, local driver’s license conversion.
Car purchase and rental assistance are services provided optionally, at the client’s wish.
Kindergarten/school search
The family is provided with child education options, based on nationality specific, assistance with appointments and registration procedure where necessary, vaccinations, transportation and school supplies.

Departure services

The services brings assistance for clients who are leaving the host country, including but not limited to: deregistration from local authorities, school, bank, utility companies, phone, internet, memberships, overlooking move-out house conditions, negotiation of lease and housing deposit, arrange cleaning services (if necessary).

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