Our first
guide to
rental homes
in Germany

Madalina and Raul

About the authors:

The authors of this guide to rental homes in Germany are Mădălina and Raul Drăgălina, relocation consultants and certified professionals in real estate. 


They are self-initiated expatriates in Germany for the past 8 years and their work focuses on individuals moving to Germany, supporting them with administrative, real estate and personal development solutions.




Why we wrote this book
Both of us have been through the process of house hunting in Munich in securing accommodation for ourselves. We even experienced a period when for six months, we had 0 invitations to house visits, despite both having full-time jobs, good salaries, and already living in a temporary accommodation. We decided to turn our experience into a positive, learning opportunity, so that others do not have to go through the same process filled with exhaust, worry and little return on the time invested.

We use our work experience in relocation and real estate, the knowledge we received from courses, podcasts, books, network of property owners, investors, real estate agents, clients. Just so we can serve better our clients in finding the right home for them.

Our main goal in writing the book is to share our knowledge and practical experience, to bring understanding regarding the house hunting process in Germany.

What you will get from reading the book:

+ An overview of the application portfolio, strategy and costs

+ A general explanation of the German rent contract

+ Etiquette in the house search process

+ Relationship management with the property owner and neighbours

+ How to identify scammers

+ How to read real estate ads

+ Guidance on how to manage the process with your partner


The guide is for you if:

  • you want the information explained in English
  • you have very little time for trial and error
  • you want bite-sized information, stored in one place
  • you are stuck with your house search, and want to improve or change your approach


“I honestly wish this book had existed 10 years ago when I came. My life would have been much easier thanks to it. For anyone who is looking to move to Germany, this is life-saving.”

“The book explains very well the relocation adventure. As a student, it brings me more clarity for the possible future steps in my development and moving abroad.”