Our Relostory

How we came to the point of where we are today or about us:
Each of us moved from abroad for a job assignment in Munich.

In the beginning, our HR departments facilitated accommodation either in a shared flat or in a shared house with 10 people. Shortly after our settling-in it became clear that we will extend our stay in Germany and were kindly asked to find ourselves our own rent apartments in Munich. At this point, we faced the challenging situation of the house search in Munich, which brought us from one temporary solution to the next – moving 8 times until we could, as full-time employees, find an apartment with an unlimited rent contract. This came finally to fruition apart from the fact that we could speak German and had good incomes.

After working in different companies and seeing this type of experience on repeat, we came to the discovery that we want to put our passion and skills to work and help other expats who are moving to Munich or Germany in general.

At first one of us did this as a side job next to the regular job and the other helped on a spontaneous basis. Looking back on the last decade, we can say there were ups and downs, but so far, we supported a lot of expats and their families when moving to or from Munich and sometimes even doing this for a second or a third time. Our most sought-after service started with the house search which is still up to date the one with the highest demand. We realised that as an expat – no matter if you’re a CEO, engineer, medical nurse or bus driver, alone or with your family, you face at the beginning the same issues when moving to Munich: settle in while already being asked to perform. Our relocation philosophy is to ensure that you can really focus on achieving both while we arrange in the background everything necessary so that you can win.

Now that you know how we got into the relocation services,  which story are we going to tell together?

Which story are we going to tell together?
Madalina and Raul