Needs assessment form

*should we register you with any religion? Please note that between 8%-9% taxes will be deducted from your salary
First name, surname, birth name
*if applicable, previous citizenships
*Full name (state as in passport), Gender, Date, Place and Country of birth, Citizenship
*Name,Birthdate, Relationship, Expected date of joining
*Animal type, Name, Gender, Weight
*e.g. built-in kitchen, commute time, balcony
*e.g. built-in kitchen, commute time, balcony
*e.g. no kitchen, shower instead of bathtub, building with more than 4 floors
*If you chose both, please mention the duration for each one
*e.g. you have a strong need for bathtub instead of shower, are used to live in a space with 3-4 max. living units