Can I ask for your services to be paid by my future employer?
That is the ideal case – as this helps you to focus on you job and we handle everything in the backround for you. (For later – we recommend this in our online course as part of the relocation package for you and negotiate this for you.)
What does Relosophy offer?
Relocation to Munich, Germany – we help you find a permanent residence for you and maybe your family and assist you with the necessary administrative procedures around it. Your children need a place in kindergarden? We cover this either already or assist you with this.
How does the relocation service work/start?

In a face-to-face interaction (Skype, Zoom or similar) you have a max. 45 minutes free consultation call/chemistry call with our field consultant where we agree on certain goals and needs within your or your employer’s budget range to create a plan together for you to move to e.g. Munich.

What clients do you work with/for?

People who move from abroad to Germany mainly to Munich or other cities in Bavaria and have either us as a direct support to their HR package by their company. Our main goal is to match our clients with the right fit in terms of housing and support with complementary administrative tasks.

Are you available after the service ended?
Yes, of course for up to 7 days for further service related questions. You can still book complementary services.
Do you know somebody with a truck or a moving company?
Yes, we work with licensed partners who have a proven track record and are reliable.
Do you support with temporary housing after direct arrival in Germany/Bavaria/Munich?
Yes, short-term accommodation is offered in various forms – just ask us!
In how many languages does Relosophy offer support?
We have staff who speak German, English, Romanian.
Do I need a new driving license in Germany?
Not for the first 6 months. After this, it needs to be translated or adapted – we assist here, too.
Can I contribute at various stages of the process?
Yes, you can. We are partners in this process and you can involve, provided you have availability or interest. Please share your research findings or feel free to engage in networking activities. We will still follow the agreed upon plan from our needs assessment call.
How do I know that you will actually find me an apartment?
We are a Munich based company and we have an active network of landlords, real estate agents, colleagues in the relocation business. We advise right from the start regarding the city neighbourhoods and which may suit best for your budget, family status or job related plans.
How do you apply for me for an apartment?
We start with a free consultation call before entering in a client-service provider relationship. Once you have chosen our services, we fill together your needs assessment, calibrate the expectation management and create on your behalf your candidate portfolio, based on a list of documents we request from you, to increase your chances to be chosen.
What if I don’t like the house for a visit invitation we receive?
You received based on your criteria invitations to house visits Depending on the number in your relocation package for up to 12 apartments, you can deny but at some point it is advisable to consider carefully the opportunities offered for a house visit. The real estate market for rented apartments in Munich is highly competitive and house visits are as serious as a job interview.
What happens if I find an apartment by luck via one of my local colleagues?
House search is part of a package, we still assist you further on!
I am not yet in Germany; can you do house visits for me?
Yes, we can, but we do not recommend this approach. Your chances of success in securing an accommodation are significantly lower. The landlord/agents/current tenants have a chance to meet you personally and you can make a nice impression.
For how long do you recommend me a short-term apartment?
It is advisable to have one for up to 4 months depending on your job requirements, budget, criterias for house search and urgency.