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We provide relocation, real estate and personal development solutions for expats moving to Munich, Germany.

Our job: making your life easier.

Why Relosophy

Our company based in Munich consists of a strategic team of local experts: they identify as self-initiated expats, ATCKs (adult
third culture kids), globetrotters.

We have over 10 years of professional experience in:

  •  relocation services in Munich and Germany
  •  real estate investment in Munich
  •  career and personal development for families moving
  • HR support in cross-border recruitment

Our philosophy:

We believe in changing the world, one expat experience at a time.

I was looking for an apartment for a while and realised that the entire process is too slow. I contacted Mada and Raul for their support. We had immediately few apartment visits and the entire process went faster and smoother. Raul help me with the design of the apartment, finding the right furniture, filling in all the papers and doing my tax returns.

The main difference between Mada and Raul and other agencies is that with them I felt like working with friends and felt that they cared about my needs.

Gabriel – Cloud Developer, Romania

We are proud of choosing Relosophy to help us tackle one of the biggest challenges of relocating to Munich, finding an apartment. The whole process was very organised and well planned. In only a short time frame, we managed to solve a problem that many people struggle with, and for that we strongly recommend Relosophy to anyone planning to move to Munich.

Georgiana – Student (Technical University Munich), Romania

I heard about Relosophy and Madalina after about a month in Munich, and a few stories to tell. Yes, relocating is never easy, but I didn’t imagine I would have to go through so many hurdles. Madalina put me at ease from the first conversation we had. The dramas I was going through were just a regular Monday for Madalina, and knowing that there aren’t unsolvable problems gave me a boost of confidence that in hindsight were a valuable tonic for my personal and professional life in Munich.

Alberto – SR Corporate Communications Manager, Portugal

Relocation is never easy, in our case having three young children and moving in the middle of Covid lockdown, it was even more challenging. Fortunately, we had Madalina as relocation consultant.

From the first conversation you notice her reliability, professionalism and ,in the same time, her warm client-oriented approach.

Hiba – Medical Science Researcher, Israel

My wife, my two cats and I moved to Munich in November 2020, during the Corona Pandemic. My company chose Madalina to support us on the house finding. We had no idea at that time of how hard it could be to find a house in Munich.

I remember Madalina invited me for a call some weeks before our moving to Germany, in that call she was transparent and realistic about the challenges related to house renting in Munich, she got all the information she needed from me to start her research and most important: she made me feel confident that she would make it work and that my wife, my cats and I would have a house in Munich soon.

Newton – Software Engineer, Brasil


Madalina is a very charismatic person. You feel the good vibration when talking to her. She brought me good luck days before I was communicated I got an appartment when I already had lost hope to find any. But she also gave me tips related to other topics, the spiritual ones. Thank you so much, Madalina.

Mariza – Salesforce Analyst, Spain

Our Mission
Full service
We handle your needs and you can focus on what matters to you most.
Respect for cultural diversity and gender equality.
Hard work, high achievements.
What we do


Relocation services

Our primary list of services offered to you and your company are:

Temporary accommodation

House search


Kindergarten/school search

Departure services


On demand

Complete your German experience with:

Immigration services

Household goods (HHG) moving services

Area and cultural orientation

Career coaching

German classes


We work with
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